Introducing "How to Data"

Practical insights for data-driven teams

Hello friends,

I moved on from Lyft in February after spending 6 years helping build the analytics, data science, and business operations teams. In that time, I’ve also helped many companies in their journey to become data-driven. One thing I’ve learned is that while every situation is unique, there is also a well-trodden path that many companies follow. There are common questions, decision points, and obstacles along the way.

At the same time, there’s a lack of high-quality resources for practitioners when it comes to building data-driven teams. There’s a lot written about high-level themes that are directionally sensible but frustratingly un-actionable. There is also a myriad of tactics that lack appropriate contextualization. When it comes to data, we need to explain not only what to do, but also how to do it and why it’s important.

In 2015, I wrote about the data-driven organization’s hierarchy of needs, which talks about the importance of nailing basic data capabilities. Every so often I meet someone who’s read the blogpost and I’d feel inspired to write again. Today is finally that day. And with more companies looking to drive business value from data than ever before, I want to begin creating the resource I wish I had 6 years ago: a body of practical, nuanced insights on building data-driven teams and organizations.

To start, I’ll draw from my personal experiences as an operator and my conversations with other leaders; over time, I hope to have guest writers as well. I’ll touch on a variety of topics: tools and frameworks, leadership and decision-making, people development and careers, team-building and processes, and culture and values. Most importantly, I hope to share practical insights that individuals, teams, and leaders can start using right away.

I’m so excited to start writing, engage with readers, and hear your feedback! If you’d like to support me, please subscribe and ask your friends to do the same.

Thank you,